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Assisting  customers during every step
of the business in over 20 Countries


In 1959 Caccia Aes ENGINEER and MANUFACTURE the first TURBOMIXERS (in Italy) for the preparation of PVC compounds in a workshop situated in Busto Arsizio (VA).

Upon request from an Italian company that deals with baby-toys of PLASTISOL, Caccia Aes ENGINEER AND MANUFACTURE the first ROTATIONAL MOULDING MACHINE (in Italy) in 1964, thus arising interest among other producers of dolls, balls, etc., on the national market as well as on the market overseas.
In order to satisfy the intense demand for turbomixers and rotational molding machines in 1967 they move to their present seat in Samarate (VA).

In the following years the company became well-known both in Italy and in the world thanks to the quality, reliability and innovation of its products, thus being acknowledged as a leader.

In the course of 60 years, Caccia Aes  have manufactured and installed around 6000 plants for the preparation of PVC compounds (turbomixers and ancillary equipments) and 1100 plants for rotational moulding, that have been still working and producing all over the world.
Caccia Aes  assist their customers during every step of the business, starting from the technical-commercial support for the choice of the best solution up to the after-sale assistance.
During the engineering phase our high-qualified personnel search for solutions aiming at the products improvement, the control of costs and consumptions, suggesting the most satisfying solutions for their customers.
We offer our customers an excellent after-sale service, from the supply of spare parts up to a free of charge on-line assistance.


Caccia Aes, always respectful of the environment, designs and builds machines with low energy impact and highest efficiency.

With the symbol ECO-FRIENDLY, Caccia Aes have committed themselves to continue to ensure a high added value in terms of productivity and environmental sustainability.

We believe that the progress of a company is also measured according to the degree of responsibility and environmental sustainability, aimed at improving the quality of life and territory.

Besides the already mentioned positive responses on the environmental side, the result of this commitment also means a real reduction in overheads of the machines produced by Caccia Aes. This is due to the low energy consumptions and to the performance optimization of all mechanical, pneumatic and electrical parts.

In the field of rotational moulding machines the use of inverters Sensorless-Vector with Energy-Saving function, of specific software for the management of the working phases (Easydrive), of low-friction devices, of special insulating devices, of digital burners as well as of advanced devices that are being patented, allow Caccia Aes to ensure business savings from 30 to 38% in comparison with conventional machines.

In the field of Turbomixer, in a similar manner, the use of the inverter technology Sensorless-Vector with Energy-Saving function, a fanless industrial computer replacing the operator panel, a dedicated software (SmartVision) and precisely designed mechanical components, allows energy savings equal to 30% and minimal maintenance, in comparison with a traditional product.

The machines by Caccia Aes are therefore the best purchasing choice for all those customers, who want a quick revenue out of their investment.